Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Winter Break

It's been terribly cold here the past few days. Seems more so because we had almost a week of unusually mild weather. Then March came roaring in.
Garry put up panels at the end of the east lean-to and then we attached a bale tarp across the end and part of the side. It looks dark back there in this photo but it's actually fairly light. The ewes with lambs and our yearling ewes quite enjoy going in and out of the wind. With lots of straw bedding they look quite comfortable when I check on them in the evening.
The shearers should be here by the end of the week and it is good we have this area all ready for them. The bred ewes are on the other side of the barn where the lean-to has tin on the west side, a wall of straw bales on the South side and a gate on the north side so they are well protected. Once it gets close to lambing if the weather is still like this they will all be in the barn at night. We have thirty one more ewes to lamb of which most are purebred Clun Forest, two are purebred Suffolk and three are Rambouillet.

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  1. It should be warmer by the time yours get sheared. We are so happy ours didn't get sheared last weekend. How awful not to have winter coats in this weather.
    Good luck with your shearing day!