Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sassy, baby and Twig

I was just getting a good hug from Sassy's new calf when Twig came up from behind and just about knocked me over. Sassy became concerned that something was going on with her baby and she came to investigate. Silly Twig thought it was all about him.

Sassy's first calf

Our young Highland, Sassy, had her first calf yesterday. A little heifer. So adorable. Sassy is a three year old purebred Highland bred to a black Angus bull. Only one Highland left to calve. If anyone is interested in buying a few highland cows/calf pairs I have some for sale.
We have two ducks sitting on eggs and a couple of chickens thinking it would be a good idea as well. I am trying to discourage the hens because I want them sitting on Buff Orpington or Auracana eggs and don't have enough at this time.
An inch or so of rain would be very welcome to help the pasture grow green.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's been a while since I "blogged" and a lot has happened. We finished lambing and they are, for the most part, doing well. Eating and growing as lambs are suppose to do.

I came home from a wool felting class to be informed by Worker Boy that half our Highland herd had calved. In one day. Sounds pretty impressive doesn't it. Well, we only have four bred Highland cows. Pictured here is Patricia with her little heifer calf. I hope the other two gals calve soon.