Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Olive and Twig

I’m still waiting for the last two ewes Houdini bred to lamb. It seems to get colder every time I go out to the barn. We're having a snow storm right now and when I got to the corral, a few minutes ago, I saw Olive (right) making herself comfortable by one of the hay feeders. I'm not sure why she and Twig (left) are resting out in the snow. I also don't know why a bunch of the yearling ewes are crammed under the shelter when the lean-to attached to the barn has clean straw bedding and wind break panels. Maybe becaise they are all wearing 100% virgin lamb's wool jackets they are feeling snug.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Un-planned lambs

Here is a Clun Forest ewe with her just born twin ewe lambs. Unfortunately she was bred by a Suffolk ram, who I call Houdini, so these lambs are not purebred. Never-the-less they are terrific little lambs and shortly after this photo was taken they were both up and searching for the source of milk. In no time they had their fill and were resting comfortable by their mum.
I have two more ewes that were bred by Houdini and hope they will both lamb today. Houdini was only out a few hours and once we realized he was in the wrong area quickly rounded him up and delivered him to the buyer.