Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fencing Day

Throughout April my Worker Boy seemed to be given the task of pulling me out of the mud. I got stuck going through the pasture, stuck on one of the grid roads that I didn't realize would be so muddy, stuck with the quad when I got too close to the slough. He'd get home and ask what was new and I would say "nothing, same old same old...I'm stuck again."

So you can imagine my delight when we were fencing and he got the tractor stuck. Well, not really delight be it was nice to know that I wasn't the only person who could get stuck in the mud. At least I'm not a stick in the mud as my Auntie Stel used to say.

Worker Boy had to call on our neighbour to bring over his big Alice Chamers (not sure if the spelling is correct) to lend some aid to the situation. Thanks Cal.

After the fence work was done I got into our truck to head back to the house and guess what...I got stuck.

Joshua and Fiona

Today we had three extra worker boys at the farm to help with fencing and other farm chores. Here Joshua was feeding little Fiona. Fiona is a Suffolk/Clun Forest cross. Her mother doesn't have enough milk for Fiona's big brother and herself so she lets me help out with a bottle a day. Fiona must be getting enough to eat because she doesn't finish all of her bottle now. Joshua was quite perturbed that Fiona didn't want to finish her bottle. He enjoyed helping feed her.

After he finished feeding Fiona Joshua headed for the hen building and collected the eggs. I think he counted twenty-seven eggs. We have Auracana hens and other breeds and Joshua seemed to enjoy picking up the green/blue eggs the best.

We had two fellows here from Bethany College, following a fabulous concert, and before I took them to town to get on the bus I fed eggs and ham. Great thing is one of the boy's name is Sam and the other boy, Benjamin seemed quite happy to recite the Dr. Suess book Green Eggs and Ham as they ate. It was quite fun.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's always nice to get the barn yard all cleaned up and mowed and what better way to get this done than hiring some help. We have several Clun Forest ewes with their lambs meandering around getting those hard to reach places the mower just can't get at. In no time they will have it all neat and tidy and we'll move them on to another spot that needs mowing.
We will also set up fencing around the house so the sheep can mow the grass down. Saves on fuel and also helps the grass with nature's Weed and Feed.


Mother Muscovey Duck hatched our her babies starting Monday May 10 and by Tuesday evening she felt she was done with it. She left three eggs un hatched so she must know they are duds. She took her seven babies around to the fenced in area on a little walk-about / farm yard orientation tour. She was smart enough to move them to an area that is fenced off from dogs, sheep, goats, where they will be safe.