Thursday, May 13, 2010

Joshua and Fiona

Today we had three extra worker boys at the farm to help with fencing and other farm chores. Here Joshua was feeding little Fiona. Fiona is a Suffolk/Clun Forest cross. Her mother doesn't have enough milk for Fiona's big brother and herself so she lets me help out with a bottle a day. Fiona must be getting enough to eat because she doesn't finish all of her bottle now. Joshua was quite perturbed that Fiona didn't want to finish her bottle. He enjoyed helping feed her.

After he finished feeding Fiona Joshua headed for the hen building and collected the eggs. I think he counted twenty-seven eggs. We have Auracana hens and other breeds and Joshua seemed to enjoy picking up the green/blue eggs the best.

We had two fellows here from Bethany College, following a fabulous concert, and before I took them to town to get on the bus I fed eggs and ham. Great thing is one of the boy's name is Sam and the other boy, Benjamin seemed quite happy to recite the Dr. Suess book Green Eggs and Ham as they ate. It was quite fun.

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