Saturday, January 21, 2012

Three Little Pigs

We got three pigs last summer (Winston is not shown) and they are quite happy here. They are very tidy animals and keep their sleeping area very clean. Next time someone tells you your room looks like a pig sty take it as a compliment. Pigs are very clean and keep their bathroom area seperate from their sleeping area.

Chirk Castle, Wales

This little ewe was quite lonely with no friends to visit with. She was part of the "make your own nativity" at the Chirk Castel Winter Fair. Baskets of clothing and props were available for children to use to dress up be part of the play. There were no children in the stable when Garry and I were there so we visited with this little ewe for a while.

Chirk Castle, Wales

Garry and I spent most of a day at Chirk Castle in Wales. There was a Christmas Fair on and we enjoyed the entertainment, the food (Garry was pleased there were gluten free buns available), walking around the castle grounds and going to the stable to visit a sheep and two donkeys.

Way up on the hillside there were sheep grazing but too far for us to walk on that day. Isn't it lovely and green there?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shropshire, England

Garry and I travelled to England in December 2011. We had hoped to find a farm with Clun Forest sheep but were not successful. We went to Oswestry, which is close to Wales, and asked several people if there were any sheep farms nearby. We got the same answer. No sheep around here. We were quite dissappointed. If we couldn't see Clun Forest sheep at least we'd like to see sheep, any sheep.

We took a long walk one afternoon and found ourselves on this narrow road. At one point I asked Garry if he thought any cars would come along and next thing you knew a car was approaching us. This road is so narrow that Garry and I had to squish against the hedge on the side.

We continued on and the road actually dwindled out to a path. Still could see tire tracks but it was even more narrow that the paved portion. As we went along we saw the hedges had sheep wire or farm fence on the back. I then saw wool on several strands of the wire. Where there's wool there's sheep. Continued upn a hill and saw a sign that pointed across a pasture noting a public path. Next thing we saw was sheep. Of course we knew we would. There was a stile to climb over and I was very pleased to find one on our walk. I have read in many James Herriot books about his climbing over styles and now I know what he was talking about.