Saturday, March 28, 2009


I put seven Clun Forest ewes with their lambs outside today for the first time. This way I don't have to haul water to them and they will have more space to run around in the corral. At first the lambs didn't want to walk on the snow but finally one made a quick dash over to the shelter where there is straw and soon the others raced after their leader. After a bit of getting used to the great outdoors a couple ventured onto the snow. After a quiet opening ceremony the Winter O-lampics began. First event was snow sculpturing which requires jumping up and down on the spot and making shapes in the snow. That event didn’t last long and the cross country snow run began. I think they will make up new events each day.
This afternoon, after the ewes have all had their evening meal, I will bring them all back in to their bed room area for the night. I’m sure the lambs will be happy to snuggled up to their mums for the night.


  1. Ah, yes, the Lambpede!

    One of the true signs of spring. :)

  2. Oh! That is such a sweet photo and story Mary! I'm growing quite found of the Clun Forest and their winning ways!