Saturday, October 10, 2009

Salty Dog

Good grief, how time flies. Seems like it was July yesterday and now the calendar says October tenth.
Emma and I took a road trip in September. We went to the ocean for a few days and left the poor Worker Boy at home to take care of the animals. Emma wasn't sure she was all that keen on the salt water and even less sure of the waves that came pounding in. After being coaxed in the water (by throwing her ball in) she found that it wasn't so frightening after all and she would feel safe going in and out. I would walk along the beach hunting for agates and Emma would stare at her ball waiting for me to pay attention and throw it for her.
Now we’re back home and glad to be back to a routine again, although the sudden cold temperature, snow, and the ever present Saskatchewan wind, has made going outside more like a chore.

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