Thursday, June 18, 2009

Twig and Sheep

We have had "Sheep" here all winter. He is friend's rescued sheep and he's quite a delightful fellow. The couple have started building a new home and have 80 acres of pature they want kept mowed. Garry and I drove around to see if the Highland cattle could do the job but felt the fencing wouldn't keep them in. There is, however and nice little fenced in area with lovely lush grass that was secure enough to put a few sheep in. I took Twig over too as their guardian llama even though I don't think there's much fight in the boy. On the other side Java and her little lamb are eating away at the caragana bushes. This morning when I checked on them they were all happily eating Fruit Loop cereal that Tasha was feeding them. Even Twig found he enjoyed the sugar treat. Will have to make sure they don't give him too many or I'll have to take him to the llama dentist.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice photo. Twig is really quite handsome. He looks like he's posing!