Monday, April 6, 2009


Well, Wide Load finally lambed this afternoon. I was surprised to see she only had two lambs. Looking at her yesterday I thought at the very least triplets. Two ewe lambs one weighing 12.5 lbs and the other 13.4 lbs. Add that up and that's a lot of lamb.

Dam (WL) is a Rambouillet and sire is a Suffolk. I had originally planned on putting the Rambouillet ewes in with a Clun Forest ram and for the life of me can't remember why the change in plan. Two really lovely lambs though and I'm, and so is mum, relieved they are born.

In a few days I will take a picture of these two with a few Clun Forest lambs and post it.


  1. Twelve and thirteen pounds??!! For twins? That is HUGE! No wonder she was so big. :)

    Rambouillet is nice fleece. :)

  2. Big lambs and very interesting markings. Mom is a nice looking ewe.